School Board

Your School Board

President -  Mr. Chuck Place 

Vice President - Mr. Jack Sible

Treasurer - Mr. Harold Bender

EL Secretary - Mrs. Lori Evans

SCCTC Secretary - Mrs. Jeannie Rogers

Board Member - Mrs. Abigail R. Jones

Board Member - Mr. Arden Tewksbury 

Board Member - Mrs. Renee LaRue 

Board Member - Mrs. Anne Teel

Board Member - Mrs. Donica McGee

Board Member - Mr. Tyler Emmerich

Right to Know Policy

Right to Know Contacts

Open records Officer:

Mrs. Jeannie Rogers, Business Manager

Elk Lake School District

2380 Elk Lake School Road

Springville, PA 18844

570-278-1106 Ext. 720

PA Office of Open Records

Commonwealth Keystone Bldg.

400 North Street, Plaza Level

Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225