School Board

Your School Board

President - Mr. Chuck Place

Vice President - Mr. Jack Sible

Treasurer - Mr. Harold Bender

EL Secretary - Mrs. Lori Evans

SCCTC Secretary - Mrs. Jeannie Rogers

Mrs. Donica McGee

Mrs. Abigail R. Jones

Mr. John Pierson

Mrs. Ann Teel

Mr. Arden Tewksbury

Mr. Eric Emmerich

Right to Know Policy

Right to Know Contacts

Open records Officer:

Mrs. Jeannie Rogers, Business Manager

Elk Lake School District

2380 Elk Lake School Road

Springville, PA 18844

570-278-1106 Ext. 720

PA Office of Open Records

Commonwealth Keystone Bldg.

400 North Street, Plaza Level

Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225