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Parent Involvement


PO Box 100, 2380 Elk Lake School Road, Dimock, PA 18816 (570) 278-1106

Dr. Kenneth Cuomo, Superintendent – ext. 712

Mr. Marc Weisgold, Elementary Principal – ext. 731

Miss Michele Oakes, Reading Supervisor / Title I Coordinador – ext. 246


The Elk Lake School District has developed the following policy to insure parent involvement in the Title I program. The district recognizes that regular, two-way, and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and school activities is the key to student success.

1) Initial Contact

Each child’s parents will be notified in a timely manner that their child has been selected to participate in the Title I program. Parents will be encouraged to contact the school and/or Title I teacher with any concerns about their child’s involvement in the program.

2) Communication
1. September Meet the Teacher Night
1) Classroom teachers will provide a description and explanation of the PA State Standards-based curriculum, the forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress, and proficiency levels students are expected to achieve at each grade level.

2) Parents will be invited to meet the Title I teacher, and receive general information about Elk Lake’s Title I program during the district’s September Meet the Teacher Night.Title I staff will explain Federal Programs in general, and Title I in particular. A brief introduction of the Parent Resource Center will also be given for Title I parents.The Home - School Compact and Parent Involvement Policy will be available forreview. The importance of parent/school collaboration in the improvement of this Compact and the Parents Involvement Policy will be addressed.

2. A letter encouraging parents to volunteer in classrooms will be sent home early in September.

3. Fall and Spring Parent Conferences (Afternoon and Evening)

To the extent possible, Title I teachers will participate in parent conferences. The classroom and Title I teachers will review the Home- School Compact as it affects each individual child’s success in school. The role of the Compact, outlining how parents, the entire school staff, and students share in improved student achievement, will be discussed.

4. Brunch Meeting (Daytime)

In addition to the evening September Meet the Teacher Night, Title I parents will have an opportunity to attend a fall meeting during the school day to review the district’s Title I Parent Involvement Policy and Compact. State academic content, student achievement standards, and local assessments will be explained. Ways to monitor a child’s progress and how to provide support at home will be discussed.

5. Parents will be notified through newsletters or other written communication about timely local, state, and Federal Title I issues.

3) Notification of Progress
1. Title I teachers will maintain regular phone contact with parents.Additionally, a parent may request a meeting with the Title I teacher at any time.These meetings may focus on student progress in the Title I program, and suggestions/materials for providing academic support at home.Title I funds may be used for the district to provide transportation and childcare, as needed.

2. Title I progress reports will be sent home at the conclusion of each Reading Street Unit for reading and mid and end of year for math. Parents will be informed of ways to help through written communication, email, phone contact, Title I parent meetings, and/or conferences.

Revised 4/15